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Package org.ojalgo.matrix.jama

This package contains adapter classes to JAMA.

See: Description

Package org.ojalgo.matrix.jama Description

This package contains adapter classes to JAMA. The entire original JAMA package is here but made package private. Use the adapters.

Instructions for the ojAlgo developer if/when JAMA is updated:

  1. Delete all *.java files in this package with names that do not begin with Jama*.
  2. Move the new JAMA files do this package and update the files' package declarations.
  3. Change all the new classes from public to default (package private).
  4. Apply fixes
    • Towards the end of the LU decomposition constructor the if statement((j < m) & (LU[j][j] != 0.0)) needs to be changed to ((j < m) && (LU[j][j] != 0.0)).
    • The getL() and getU() methods of the LU decomposition should be modified. Introduce a new parameter d that is the minimum of m and n. Use that to set the column dimension of L and the row dimension of U.
    • Add a package private method isSymmetric() that exposes the already existing field issymmetric in the EigenvalueDecomposition class.
    • Add another constructor to EigenvalueDecomposition that takes an additional boolean parameter 'symmetric' as input, and does not test for symmetry.
    • SingularValueDecomposition: Make wantu and wantv input parameters to the existing constructor, and add another constructor with the old signature that sets both those parateres to true.
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