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Change Log

Do NOT use anything deprecated - it will be removed very soon! Most of what was deprecated at the time of the last release has already been removed. Removing something that was already deprecated is not mentioned in the change log. If you're lagging behind and need to update over several versions it is recommended that you upgrade incrementally to each intermediate version (and finally to the latest snapshot).

About the version numbers: You should not think of a ".1" version as v66 with only a small number of minor changes. v66.1 is probably already closer to v67 than it is to v66.

All versions ever released have a tag/version in CVS
Release Version CVS tag/version
1 jar_1_0
2 jar_2
3 - 31 Version3, Version4, Version5 ... Version31
32 - v32, v33, v34...

v38 (not yet released; corresponds to the latest snapshot)

The first version to require Java 8!

v37 (latest release)

Last version to not require Java 8! (Targets Java 7) No real new features compared to v36.



Apart from this a significant amount of time has been spent improving the unit tests.


First version to target Java 7!


Last vaersion to target Java 5!






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